My experiences with the power of Subconscious Mind

It was in 2016, in the midst of repeated failures and frustration that I stumbled upon the concept of the power of the subconscious mind. What followed was journey of exploration deeper into the power and the possibilities of the subconscious mind, which opened my mind to what ‘I’ could do on my own instead of relying on anybody else or an external power to make things right or make things better. The concept of using the power of the subconscious mind to change one’s circumstances is not easy to grasp or easy to practice and the paradox is that it is difficult…because it is so easy. My journey is not complete and so I cannot claim to have reached a state from which I can authoritatively talk on this subject. But from the moment that I discovered this power, it has always been my effort to share my knowledge with others so that they may gain similar or more benefits than what I was gaining from my understanding and amateur practice of this power. Admittedly, people have viewed my proclamations on this topic with range of emotions from disdain and mockery to utter rejection. This reaction was probably a natural outcome of the fact that people viewed me as one of ‘them’ and not necessarily as somebody who had achieved the kind of fame & fortune which allowed me to preach and coach others. However, the reaction of other people has neither dimmed my enthusiasm for this concept nor my willingness to share this knowledge with others. And it is the eagerness to share this knowledge that has spurred me into writing this book. This book is the distillation of all the books, articles, videos and audios I have assimilated on this topic and so I have tried to lay it all down in as simple terms as possible.