Of the Birds of Steel

Ever since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by fighter jets. From my paying guest accommodation near the HAL Airport in Bangalore, I used to see Indian Airforce fighter jets take to the air on regular test flights. This poem was meant to express my awe of the fighter jets and the pilots who flew them.

 Heard the sky roar one day,

Looking up, saw a shadow go past.

‘t was a steely bird on it’s way,

Into the distance, it disappeared fast.

There the love began never to fade,

Upwards I looked forever awaiting the one.

Among the clouds the bird often played.

Teasing the earth, it challenged the Sun.

Some days there were others dotting the blue,

Hearing their screams the sky fearfully trembled.

At nights flames blazing overhead they flew,

The sky came alive, darkness was humbled.

I saw them once, silent and still,

Proud and bold on earth they stood.

Cold to touch and dressed to kill…