A Lullaby

I wrote this poem for my newly arrived niece during those early days when I was totally in awe of her. I used to see her only during my weekends off, when I used to go visiting my elder brother Ajay at his house in Bannerghatta Road-Bangalore. She was the first baby of our family and so she was rightfully the apple of everyones’ eye at that point.

You are my angel, my little flower,
Sweet child! How gentle your power.

In your hands, no soldierly sword,
On your lips, no statesmanly word.

Yet your smile could conquer the world,
On countless hearts leave your flag unfurled.

Incoherent though, your angelic speech,
Could gather all within it’s reach.

Before your eyes a new universe stands,
Within the reach of your tiny hands.

No future, no horizon too distant to meet,
When out you go on your tiny feet.

And from the cradle till you stand tall,
Watchful I will follow lest you fall.

Thus silent and peaceful as you sleep,
A vigil by your cradle I now keep.