And then came rain!

I thought up this poem at the height of the summer season during the days when I used to wait by the roadside near my Paying Guest accommodation in Indiranagar-Bangalore, in the terrible heat for the company vehicle to take me to my office.

One afternoon, a summer’s day,
Earth burned in Sun’s sway.

All around hung searing heat,
Like devil’s fire down beneath

Singeing blew the wing even,
It’s soothing succor needed when.

Man and earth alike parched,
Dreary a road life marched.

Oppressive hours when thus spent,
Silent prayers then heavenwards went.

Awhile thereafter the plea answered,
The distant sky silently stirred.

Lo! Afar black clouds loomed,
Heralding them thunder boomed.

Soon those masses hovered above,
Their cool shade prevailing now.

Gentle blew a refreshing breeze,
It’s cool embrace bringing ease.

In gay abandon trees danced,
Their gaiety the mood enhanced.

Then sprinkled forth the heavens,
A myriad drops of deliverance…