Me and my evenings

This is by far the best of the lot and my personal favorite. This poem was written in response to a frequent query by friends as to what I did during the weekends and it largely describes my evenings in the small one-room Paying Guest accommodation at Indiranagar-Bangalore.

These lonely evenings, my only friend,
The darkness outside, silent without end.

Enclosed within walls, in another world,
In cocooned smugness, I lie uncurled.

Reliving the past, dreaming the future,
For today’s wounds, a temporary suture.

Books my companion, my guiding light,
Their steadfast presence, a pleasant respite.

On soulful melodies, I float adrift,
That restful cradle, a heavenly gift.

Another night arrives, the curtain falls,
Reality fades away, as oblivion calls.

No better times, no fonder leanings,
A tranquil oasis, these lonely evenings.