In this City

This is the title poem of my poetry book. Whenever I go on vacation to my hometown Cochin-Kerala, the people I meet seem to be in awe of Bangalore. Whereas I feel there’s more to it than all the glitter. In this poem I’ve tried to show the other side of the coin.

In this city of lights,
There is a darkness within.

In this sea of humanity,
There’s none to believe in.

In these boulevards of wealth,
There’s a poverty of soul.

In these towers of enterprise,
There’s connivance on the whole.

In these haunts of pleasure,
There’s emptiness amidst the revelry.

In this temple of intelligence,
There is insanity running free.

In this vision of future,
There’s the filth of yesteryears.

In this grand carnival perennial,
There’s apathy behind the cheers.