A Nightly Journey

The inspiration for this poem came from the long cab journeys on the way home every night from office in Whitefield-Bangalore to my paying guest accommodation near HAL airport Bangalore.

A day ends, another silently stirs,
Lines between both, the darkness blurs.

Dull and weary, homeward I head,
To meager comforts, food and bed.

Like a canvas the horizon stretches,
awaiting the thoughts the mind sketches.

The road ahead, the only constant.
Lying snake-like for miles distant.

A desolate landscape swiftly runs by,
Fleeting spectacles rush past the eye.

No pleasant jaunt, this nocturnal venture,
At every turn awaits an adventure.

But travelers and music keep company,
Slowly consumed are the distances many.

And then appears that familiar sight,
At my doorstep I gladly alight.

Home is but a refuge temporary,
The journey continues, only nights vary.