Nature’s Retort

I wrote this poem on the floods in the Southern Indian States of Kerala & Karnataka (Kodagu District) in August 2018.

O rain! We asked but for a little,
But our cities must you pound and belittle?

O human! Our showers but a tad more,
The rivers and forests have this curse bore.

O rivers and forests! Most revered and divine,
Why thus you make us weep and whine?

O human! For years you pillaged us galore,
Your greed and apathy had made us sore.

Given us less but more you had taken,
Our entreaties and warnings you had coldly forsaken.

Now your plight we must but helplessly view,
For nature its course must now run anew.

But choose you must whether this should repeat,
Whether this vicious cycle must once again complete.

Beware! Atone! And coexist with us in harmony,
So that our lives be entwined in symphony.