Subconscious Mind, The Creative Power – I

Around 2016, my life had begun to get bogged down in a variety of issues. Chief among them was the legal issue surrounding my ancestral properties back home, which had been passed down to me by my grandfather. Though he had given me the properties (basically agricultural lands) in the best of intentions, the fact was that there were no proper legal documents or title deed for the lands and staking my claim to them was proving to be an especially thorny issue. I spent innumerable hours and lots of money, trying to get the documentation sorted out but there was no breakthrough. Time and again, I was hitting against a wall. The repeated failures in this issue came to a head and I suddenly found myself going into a depression.

What do I call a depression? It’s when you suddenly lose interest, lose focus and are generally in a mood to let everyone and everything else go to hell. That was me. And I was really beginning to sink to the depths of no return. My mother’s calls to turn to prayers weren’t even considered, since I was under the impression that the prayers of a habitual sinner wouldn’t even make it past my ceiling let alone reach the heavens. Out of nowhere, I felt an urge to read some book on positive thinking or mind relaxation. During the years immediately after college, I used to be a major self help junkie — I used to voraciously consume newspaper & magazine articles, audio/video programmes and books on self help topics.

So the turn towards books to look for a solution to my bleak state of mind was a very natural reaction given my prior reading habits. I was familiar with reading books on Google Books on my android phone, so that seemed to be the logical place to start. I read a couple of books but the ones that made an impact were — ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr.Joseph Murphy, ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles F Haanel, ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ by Dr.Wayne W Dyer and ‘Mind Hacking’ by Sir John Hargrave. All these books had a common concept — that the power to change your life lies within you and you only have to harness this power in the right way to manifest your desires. And that power is your own Subconscious Mind.

So what is this Subconscious Mind? To cut to the chase, basically it is the autopilot which runs your body without any conscious effort on your part. For example, at the moment you are reading this book you are breathing, blood is being pumped throughout your body and electrical signals from your brain are running all your bodily functions without any conscious input from your side. Now you can search this topic and scientists & doctors will try their best to explain the Subconscious Mind in a variety of ways. But if you really want this concept to work for you and if this book is to be of any use to you, you have to believe that this thing called the Subconscious Mind is nothing but a ‘God Force’ (to denote an inexplicably magical and unfathomably powerful force) put inside you.