Subconscious Mind, The Creative Power – II

Various religious scriptures talk about human beings being created in the likeness of God, or that God blew his breath into humans to make them alive. To draw a corollary, if we are the exact replica of God and we breathe the same breath as him then we can do whatever that he is capable of doing. This is the turning point of this book…You need to get sold on this idea right here or proceeding further with this book will be a waste of your time…and the idea which you need to realise right here and right now is that…YOU ARE A MINI GOD!! This is the only true way to understand and harness the power of the Subconscious Mind. You have been given a GOD-ly power, with which YOU have the same power of creation as him (“Aniconic”).

If you have watched or heard of any descriptions of GOD, he seems capable of doing stuff with mere thoughts or words. For example, in the Bible it is mentioned that God said “Let there be light” and suddenly there was light, so there we have him speaking some words which automatically create a new condition. Or you have the other depiction of Gods in movies about Greek Legends, where the Gods seemingly change shape or produce a weapon or something similar by merely using their thoughts. I’m telling you here that you have a similar capability to produce (manifest) things or situations in your life with mere thoughts or words, and that you don’t have to dial GOD every time you need something and feel frustrated when he doesn’t pick up. The subconscious mind IS your GOD given gift and capability.

Isn’t it strange that such a powerful force lies within us and we rarely use it? That is simply because we chose to ignore it’s presence and it’s capability. We ignore it’s presence even though like I mentioned before, it is the force which automatically runs our body. The myriad cells, tissue, blood vessels, muscles and bones in our body are made to function coherently as one unit by the actions of our subconscious mind every second, minute, hour, day, year. Can you even picture yourself in the midst of your daily routine, trying to control your bodily functions by thinking “I’ll now breathe at 30 breaths a minute” or “I’ll now make my heart beat at 2 beats a second”? It is impossible! So then, that’s the best example of the presence & capability of the subconscious mind.

But the power of the subconscious mind isn’t just limited to controlling your daily life, it goes one step ahead — it can even create or modify your future life (Murphy)! You can see small, short and sweet glimpses of this creative power of the subconscious mind in your daily life. How? Many a time, you might have experienced the situation wherein you have been humming a song in your mind and suddenly that song is played on T.V or radio. Or you have been thinking of calling a friend and somehow that friend calls you. Or you’ve been thinking about a particular model of a car and suddenly you start seeing the same model of cars on the road more than others. You might’ve have been dismissing these instances as mere coincidences but that’s not what it is, it is just the subconscious mind displaying a fraction of it’s creative power.

If just a few moments of pure yearning mentioned above could make the subconscious mind produce such magical coincidences, then imagine what sustained thinking about something that you really want can do?! That’s what I’m here to tell you — how to harness the creative power of the subconscious mind to create what you want (Moscowitz). In order to make the subconscious mind do something for you, you need to understand how it works. The very word ‘subconscious’ means ‘under the conscious’. Our mind has two parts – the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part does things with our active participation, whereas the subconscious part does things without our active participation.

The conscious mind is the sentry or the middleman through which you get to the subconscious mind (Stone). The actual truth is that the conscious mind is very limited in knowledge & experience compared to the subconscious mind, but in reality the conscious mind acts as though it is the boss. This is why when we see a luxury car whizz past, our mind reacts in two ways – one reaction is of admiration & want and almost immediately there’s another reaction of resignation to the fact that we might never be able to buy that car. So there we see that the subconscious mind sees the possibility of buying that luxury car, but the conscious mind comes up with a hundred calculations which prove why you can’t & won’t buy that car.

So in order to let the subconscious mind work it’s magic, we need to suppress the logically & scientifically thinking conscious mind. A couple of things you need to know about the subconscious mind. One, It is like a very timid baby — it’ll believe anything that you want it to believe if you say it in a relaxed and repetitive manner. So if you keep saying to yourself that you are a loser you will continue to be one and if you keep wishing to be a winner you’ll end up as one. Two, it has no sense of time — when you wish for something, the subconscious mind busies itself with getting it for you but it does not keep track of the time. So, the subconscious mind can produce a desired effect for you anytime between now and infinity de-pending on how strong your desire is.

All the techniques that I have used & continue to use – which I’m going to share in the next few chapters, rely on constantly suppressing the conscious mind and impregnating the subconscious mind with one’s desires. This is because the subconscious mind is a superpower and in the same way that if Superman is to be seen Clark Kent should disappear, so too the conscious mind should take a backseat if the subconscious mind has to showcase it’s true power. It will be difficult in the beginning, trying to ignore the conscious mind while it comes up with dozens of thoughts contrary to what you are trying to push past it. But just like our physical muscles, our subconscious mind can also be trained & developed with regular exercises