Positive Affirmations – II

As I have said before, I’ve been using positive affirmations quite regularly and I’d experienced many manifestations with them. But the most uncanny experience which I had with a positive affirmation was very recent and one that I will remember for a long time. The experience was a sort of confirmation to me that I’m slowly gaining proficiency in the use of the subconscious mind power. The incident happened as follows.

I do a number of inter-state trips every month by bus. In order to alight the inter-state tourist bus, I need to walk 2 kilometres to the main road to catch a public transport bus or an autorickshaw which then takes me to a bus stand on the state highway 3 kilometres away. From this bus stand I then catch another public transport bus to the pick up point of the inter-state bus which is another 2 kilometres. So I generally need to travel 7 kilometres by changing two buses in order to reach my destination. Usually, the inter- state bus which I go by is in the evening, so the entire exercise of travelling to the pick point is done after dark when the frequency of public transport is generally low. And if it’s raining then things get tougher.

So two weeks back, I found myself in the dark in a continuous drizzle walking to the main road. It being a rather tricky situation because of the rain and the gradually onsetting late hours, I automatically started mentally reciting my most favourite positive affirmation for this particular situation, which is “My subconscious mind will help me catch the bus safely and on time”. So I’m continuously reciting this affirmation as I’m walking to the main road. On reaching the main road, I see no buses and almost all the autorickshaws which pass are already occupied. As I wait in the drizzle, with no prospect of transportation I recited a new affirmation which was “My subconscious mind will provide me with a bus to the state highway in the next fifteen minutes”. And when I recite the affirmation, I just give a smile as well!

After about ten minutes, I suddenly see in the distance the electronic display board of a public transport bus! I’m euphoric. As the bus comes near, I was shocked to see that the bus is not only going to the state highway but it even goes right past the pick up point for my inter-state bus. In other words, that bus has saved me the hassle of changing 2 buses! And most of all, that bus is empty except for the driver, the conductor and me! So it was almost as if that bus was sent just for me!! As I sat in that bus, I could help feeling grateful and relieved that once again the subconscious mind had fulfilled a need of mine. And I distinctly remember that I was grinning ear to ear at the power of the subconscious mind which had manifested that bus for me.

This is why I would recommend the technique of positive affirmations to the new recruits wishing to wield the power of the subconscious mind. Positive affirmations are easy to practice, you just have to make up a statement which is opposite to the situation you are facing and you need to keep reciting that statement repeatedly. Also remember to relax yourself with the thought that the subconscious mind will surely provide the thing that you have wished for and smile (it relaxes you) as if you have already received it. The positive affirmations and the relaxed state of your mind, triggers the subconscious mind into creating that particular thing that you have wished for and it soon becomes manifested into your reality.

In fact positive affirmations can also be used when the conscious mind is engaged in some other activity. That way, there is less resistance from the conscious mind which is busy and so positive thoughts can be pushed onto the subconscious mind. For example, I recite positive affirmations while I’m in front of the mirror shaving or while taking a shower. I also have an mp3 audio track of positive affirmations downloaded from YouTube which I listen to, while driving back from office. In all these cases, I’m pushing messages past to the subconscious mind which would have otherwise not gotten through if the conscious mind was alert (Murphy).