Vision Board/Visualization/ Story telling – I

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes even a fixed mental image can trigger the subconscious mind into manifesting your desire for you. Example, the experience of thinking about a particular model of car and suddenly seeing many of the same car on the road. So the important thing is to decide what you want, then make that desire into a fixed physical/ mental image and then keep feeding that image to your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is always waiting ready to get you the thing that you want, but if you yourself have no clear idea of what you want then how can the subconscious manifest it for you? This is where a Vision Board is helpful. A Vision Board is nothing but a board or any corner of your room or table where you can put up a representative picture of what you want which you can then keep seeing repetitively.

Our conscious mind, being the sentry that it is, tries to ensure that only what it deems as logically correct thoughts are passed on to the subconscious mind and other illogical thoughts are rejected at the door itself. For example, you might wish for a palatial house in a beautiful locale, but immediately the conscious logical mind comes out with arguments as to how you will not be able to afford that house due to your present status, job, income or capability. But instead of just wishfully longing for that house, what if you put a newspaper clipping of a beautiful house on your vision board? Now, whenever you pass by your vision board all you need is a cursory glance at the picture and a millisecond of wishing for that house. This results in your wish being blasted past your conscious mind without giving it time to react!

Having your desires in a physical form in front of you is a great way to stay focused on what you want in life and it will serve as a motivator which will keep egging you on even in difficult times. Why are there so many whiteboards, placards, posters and flyers in the corporate world kept in places where the employees can easily see them? You don’t find the employees standing in front of these and memorising them, do you? That’s because that’s not what it is meant to do, it is not meant to appeal to the conscious mind but it is used to repeatedly bombard the subconscious mind of the employees with what their company bosses want them to strive for and do.