Sleep Programming

We now know that the conscious mind is a sentry that keeps a check on all the messages going past to the subconscious mind and that it continuously rejects those messages which it detects as being contrary to what it senses as true & logical based on the inputs from the 5 senses. So then if we are to derive the maximum benefit from the power of the subconscious mind, we have to ensure that conscious mind’s interference is kept to the minimum while the subconscious mind is being impregnated with positive and beneficial messages with which it can work it’s creative magic. And the best time when the conscious mind’s actions are the lowest and the subcon-scious mind’s power is at it’s peak is when we are asleep.

A third of our life is spent sleeping. While our body and our conscious mind are at rest during sleep, this is the time when the subconscious mind is awake and busy doing it’s housekeeping activities — arranging and storing all the messages & experiences it has received during the day. In our own house, what is it that we do when we want to install a new piece of furniture or electrical appliance? We rearrange the existing stuff in the particular room that we want to install the new stuff in. Likewise, it is easier to slip new thoughts & messages to the subconscious mind at the time when it is already in the process of arranging the thoughts & messages that it has collected till then.

So just like a computer can be programmed to do a set of activities, our subconscious mind can be similarly commanded to believe or unbelieve certain things so that it can alter our life accordingly. And this programming is best done during sleep. Sleep programming and positive affirmations go hand in hand because repeating positive affirmations during sleep helps to ingrain those affirmations onto the subconscious mind that much more deeply. There are many audio files available on the internet that you can listen to, some of these audios apart from having affirmations and subliminal messages, also have music (musical instruments played at certain frequencies & beats) in them which can actually help the brain go into the dreamy state in which it is most susceptible to accepting suggestions.

I have two favourite tracks that I like to listen to when I’m sleeping. One is a subliminal financial prosperity track that I downloaded from the YouTube which has the sound of ocean waves with embedded subliminal messages in them, you can find it in the resources section at the end of this book. I like to listen to this track on my phone during short naps and during interstate bus journeys. It is hard for me to link any specific beneficial experiences that I had, to the listening of this track but generally I have had a good day the night after listening to this track. The other track is a recording which I have made on my phone in my own voice with certain messages which I have tailored around my specific requirements and I like to put it in a loop during my sleep at least twice or thrice a week.

The idea here is that instead of letting your subconscious mind conjure up crazy dreams or create/relive your worst nightmares during your sleep, why not put it to work on building the life of your dreams by programming it with the messages of how you would like your dream life to be?