M e d i t a t i o n

As per some experts’ opinion our conscious mind thinks an average of 2000 thoughts per hour! That’s a huge volume of thoughts being generated every day, of which some go on to our subconscious mind which then begins to act on them and creates the reality which we experience. During negative emotions like fear or anxiety, the conscious mind creates an even greater number of thoughts and scenarios which can end up overwhelming both the conscious and subconscious minds. Such a situation can lead to disorientation and cause the usual routines of the minds to be disrupted leading to a host of mental & physical maladies in our body. Knowing this, it is logical that we should try to control the flow of thoughts in our conscious mind.

Controlling the thought generation process of our conscious mind has two major benefits. A) By controlling the number of thoughts flowing through our conscious mind, we can enable the conscious & subconscious minds to focus on some of the more important thoughts which might require immediate action. For example, thinking about your dream job and ensuring that you focus only on thoughts related to it will help your con-scious mind in performing the necessary actions for the fruition of that dream and meanwhile your subconscious mind can also work on creating the opportunities for that dream job to come to you. Indeed, it is when the conscious & subconscious minds work together as one towards a single goal that some of the greatest achievements in our world have been secured.

B) If we can learn to control the volume of thoughts flowing through our conscious mind, then it also means that we have been successful in isolating & disregarding some thoughts and giving preference over them to certain other thoughts. Once we have this skill, then it also means that we have the capability to isolate & delete certain negative thoughts and give preference over them to certain other positive thoughts. This is one paramount achievement which on it’s own itself can help in improving the quality of our daily experiences and vastly improve our life & that of others in the long term. And the one tool which has been used since ages for controlling the flow of thoughts is Meditation.

Meditation is a practice wherein the conscious mind is trained to disconnect or divert it’s attention from it’s usual process of data gathering, analysis & decision-making based on inputs from the 5 senses and instead direct it’s focus towards another object of the practitioner’s choosing. This object of focus maybe one’s own breath, an idea, a prayer or a single point like for ex-ample looking at a burning candle. So through meditation we are not trying to bypass the conscious mind which we know acts as a sentry to the subconscious mind, instead here we are attempting to get the conscious & subconscious minds to work together as one.

I like to think of the subconscious mind as a CD player. The conscious mind creates the CD, and the subconscious mind keeps playing the CD. So meditation is like an eraser which helps us to remove whats on the current CD, and add some other recording which the subconscious mind can then start playing. I like to use meditation in conjunction with Sleep program-ming, wherein I’ll do about ten minutes of meditation every night and then go to bed listening to a continuous loop of positive affirmations. This way I can remove any negative & unnecessary programming which my conscious mind would have picked up during the day, thereby preventing them from getting through to my subconscious mind and instead I can ensure my subconscious mind is programmed with the good stuff.