Swimming – I

“What has swimming got to do with the subconscious mind?”, you might ask. My response would be that swimming is also an enabler, another tool to influence the subconscious mind. About a month ago, I went for swimming lessons and during the course of those lessons I realised that swimming can also be used for programming your subconscious mind. Consider this, we all originated in a liquid medium — our mother’s womb. Our subconscious mind and our body was formed submerged in liquid. And when we swim, we replicate that fluidic environment which nurtured us during the beginning stages of our life cycle. Water has always been associated with holy rituals in various religions and it is considered as having healing & purifying qualities. It is one of the primary building blocks of life on our planet. Nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface and 75% of the human body is comprised of water.

Water’s electromagnetic and chemical properties allow it to absorb energy vibrations, and in doing so water can function as a magnetic tape which can be recorded with thought, sounds, words and prayers. Human beings have electrical energy flowing through their mind and body all the time and when we immerse ourselves in water while swimming, some of our electric impulses get transferred to the water. And since a majority of the Earth and most humans are anyway full of water, our thoughts which get recorded by the water in the swimming pool can then get transferred to other places or persons. In effect, water has the capability to function as an Internet of thoughts or a repository of all the subconscious minds everywhere.

In addition to the properties of the water, the fact that most of the time our subconscious mind is not able to imbibe the programming that we seek to inscribe onto it is because the subconscious mind is overwhelmed/distracted by the messages it receives from the conscious mind, based on the conscious mind’s analysis of the environment around us. In another words, the daily environment which we live in makes it hard for the subconscious mind to focus on anything different, because the conscious mind (being the sentry) doesn’t want to lose focus of what’s constantly happening around us (due to our basic survival instincts). And the conscious mind bombards it’s perceptions of the environment around us onto the subconscious mind