A Nightly Journey

The inspiration for this poem came from the long cab journeys on the way home every night from office in Whitefield-Bangalore to my paying guest accommodation near HAL airport Bangalore. A day ends, another silently stirs, Lines between both, the darkness blurs. Dull and weary, homeward I head, To meager comforts, food and bed. Like … Continue reading A Nightly Journey

Destiny’s Stepchild

Another ‘Dark’ composition, as I was counting away the days in my paying guest accommodation near HAL Aiport-Bangalore. For some destiny so wills, theirs only, the most ills. Only their dreams shattered first, theirs only, the unquenched thirst. They inherit the rocky path, They incur every bitter wrath. Theirs, to watch others flourish, Theirs, to … Continue reading Destiny’s Stepchild

An Untold Tale

This poem marked the beginning of a series of poems written from a ‘Dark’ perspective, which was especially made darker by the cold winter of 2005 at my paying guest accommodation near HAL Aiport-Bangalore. Harsh a plight that I should endure, That love be consigned to dreams obscure. Strange a curse on me does fall, … Continue reading An Untold Tale

For Eyes Only

This was another Valentines’ Day (2005) creation during office celebrations in Whitefield-Bangalore, and is one more poem in tribute to silent lovers everywhere! No words, just a glance, The hallmark of this romance. Love, passion, in silent grace, All, when our eyes embrace. No touch, no physical ties, Just this, dance of eyes. Your dreams … Continue reading For Eyes Only