This is a poem written for my mother on her 70th birthday. Your flesh and blood's creation I, Your hopes and hardships creation I. You gave unending, never asking why, You fended forever, never doubting why. Because of your prayers I stand, To you indebted today I stand. God's another form -- that you are, … Continue reading MA

Old Friends

I’d completed my schooling in 1993 from Army School on Kamaraj road-Bangalore. But from 2003 when I got my first job till 2011, I was out of touch with my school classmates. Then suddenly, I was contacted by one of my classmates Mohammed Akram Ali Mehkri on Facebook and then I gradually regained contact with … Continue reading Old Friends


I wrote the below poem in memory of our dog 'Black' or 'Blacko' as he was called. Mom had called me in office one day in 2012 to tell me of his death, saying "Blacko's gone.... you must write something for him also" -- she wanted me to write a poem just like the one … Continue reading Goodbye

Your Love

This was a poem I wrote for my wife Neesha as we celebrated Valentines Day (2008) in a hospital ward following the birth of my elder daughter Tara. I’d taken a week of paternity leave and since I couldn’t find a card shop nearby, I wrote this poem on a piece of paper. With your … Continue reading Your Love

A Nightly Journey

The inspiration for this poem came from the long cab journeys on the way home every night from office in Whitefield-Bangalore to my paying guest accommodation near HAL airport Bangalore. A day ends, another silently stirs, Lines between both, the darkness blurs. Dull and weary, homeward I head, To meager comforts, food and bed. Like … Continue reading A Nightly Journey